Feed the Body, Feed the Soul

Friday, October 13, 2017


Oshkosh Corporation, Fox Cities Credit Union, and Refuge Foundation for the Arts are excited to announce their partnership to make a difference in our local community's healing and growth.

Continuing the excitement from the Feed the Body, Feed the Soul musical series, Oshkosh Corporation will be hosting a non-stop rice packing event – 3,100 hours of non-stop packaging to be exact on Friday, October 13 into Saturday, October 14! We need 150 people per shift to make this possible. The rice will be sent to families in need in Northeastern Wisconsin. Sign up for a shift and help us make a difference in our community!

Volunteering will take place at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, 2911 W. Evergreen Drive in Appleton.

To sign up today visit our website: www.oshkoshcorp.com/volunteer, or click the "Make a Difference" button below.

Sign up to volunteer and help make a difference in our community!

Make a Difference
  • Feed the Body, Feed the Soul: Facts You Need to Know

    Friday, August 4, 2017

    Studies have shown that a child with access to proper nutrition, safe shelter, and a means of creative expression will show increases in brain development, motor skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. By feeding them on a holistic level – mind, body, and soul – Feed The Body, Feed The Soul will create a generation of well-rounded individuals and leaders with a sense of value and purpose.

    This is why Oshkosh Corporation is partnering with Fox Communities Credit Union and the Refuge Foundation of the Arts to raise awareness and funds to assist with basic needs and access to the arts in Northeastern Wisconsin.

    During the Feed the Body, Feed the Soul series happening Friday, August 4 - Saturday, August 6, awareness will be raised on the poverty crisis happening in Northeast Wisconsin and the powerful benefits the large rice donation will bring to this cause.

    Here are some facts about Poverty in Northeastern Wisconsin:

          - 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry

          - 2- 5% are homeless

          - Break the cycle of poverty

    Here is what your donation to Feed the Body, Feed the Soul will provide to those living in poverty in our area:

     Rice Nutrition

    -     Rice contains no gluten, making it one of the best non-allergic foods.  The fact is that many people are intolerant to gluten which prevents them from taking in a lot of important nutrients.  This makes it possible for people who are allergic to gluten to take in different types of Vitamin B, D, calcium, fiber, iron, and a variety of minerals that are essential for our bodies.

    -     Rice can help you lower your cholesterol levels, as it does not contain bad cholesterol, making your heart even healthier.

    -     Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates that give our bodies the energy we need.  By eating rice you can get the energy you need without having to worry about content of fat, salt, and sugar.

    -     Consuming rice helps boost your intake of zinc and manganese.  Proteins that control gene activity, support tissue structure and boost your metabolism rely on zinc to function.  Manganese activates a number of proteins needed for cell function such as boosting collagen to support wound healing and antioxidants to prevent cell damage.

          -     Enriched rice has iron, niacin, thiamin, and folic acid added.  Iron and folic acid promote healthy red blood cell function, while niacin and thiamin support your metabolism

    The Temptations

    Friday, August 4, 2017

    For more than fifty years, The Temptations have prospered, propelling popular music with a series of smash hits, and sold-out performances throughout the world.
    The history of The Temptations is the history of contemporary American pop. An essential component of the original Motown machine, that amazing engine invented by Berry Gordy, The Temps began their musical life in Detroit in the early sixties. It wasn’t until 1964 however, that the Smokey Robinson written-and-produced “The Way You Do the things You Do” turned the guys into stars.
    An avalanche of hits followed, many of which - ”My Girl,” for instance - attained immortality. “It’s Growing,” “Since I Lost My Baby,” “Get Ready,” “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” “Beauty Is only Skin Deep,” “I Wish It Would Rain”...the hits kept coming.
    Having sold tens of millions of albums, the Temptations – recipients of 7 GRAMMY Awards and a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award - are one of the most successful groups in music history.
    All proceeds will benefit the Refuge Foundation for the Arts, Inc., supporting assistance with basic needs and access to the arts in Northeast Wisconsin.

    The event will be opened by the following performers: Welles, Daniel Watts & Amy Ryerson (Broadway performers), Traveller and J-Council.

    Cat Power

    Saturday, August 5, 2017

    Cat Power is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for her unique smoky, subterranean vocals and fusion of sounds, which blends folk, country, blues, punk and avant-garde pop.

    After moving to New York City, she recorded material at the end of 1994 that would comprise her first two albums, Dear Sir (1995) and Myra Lee (1996), which is named after her mother. She was signed to Matador Records in 1996, and the same year released What Would the Community Think?

    Her acclaimed record Moon Pix dropped in 1998, and Cat Power's 2000 album, The Covers Record, featured stark, radical remakes of songs from artists like Nina Simone, Michael Hurley and the Rolling Stones. This was followed by 2003's You Are Free, which features input from Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.

    In 2012, Power released Sun. The album—which she wrote, played all instruments on, and produced (with subsequent mixing by Phillippe Zdar) in a variety of studios—goes in a pointedly electronic direction and focuses on themes of self-awareness, global connectedness and spirituality. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Feed The Body, Feed The Soul and Refuge Foundation for the Arts.

    All proceeds will benefit the Refuge Foundation for the Arts, Inc., supporting assistance with basic needs and access to the arts in Northeast Wisconsin.

    The event will be opened by the following performers: Faye Webster, Erin Rae, The Dove & The Wolf, and Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae.

    The Blind Boys of Alabama

    Sunday, August 6, 2017

    The Blind Boys of Alabama have the rare distinction of being recognized around the world as both living legends and modern-day innovators.  They are not just gospel singers borrowing from old traditions; the group helped to define those traditions in 20th century and to almost single-handedly create a new gospel sound for the 21st.  Since the original members first sang together as kids at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in the late 1930s (including Jimmy Carter, who leads the group today), the band has perserved through seven decades to become one of the most recognized and decorated gospel groups in the world.

    Touring throughout the South during the Jim Crow era of the 1940s and 1950s, the Blind Boys flourished thanks to their unique sound, which blended the close harmonies of early jubilee gospel with the more fervent improvisations of hard gospel. In the early 1960s, the band sang at benefits for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and were a part of the soundtrack to the Civil Rights movement. But as the years passed many singers who had originated in the church began recording secular music and fans followed them, and the Blind Boys saw their audiences dwindle. However, the Blind Boys persevered and their time came again, starting in the 1980s with their starring role in the Obie Award-winning musical “The Gospel at Colonus,” which began a new chapter in their incredible history. It’s almost unbelievable that a group of blind, African-American singers, who started out touring during a time of whites-only bathrooms, restaurants and hotels, went on to win five Grammy Awards, appear on Broadway, and perform at the White House for three different presidents. 

    All proceeds will benefit the Refuge Foundation for the Arts, Inc., supporting assistance with basic needs and access to the arts in Northeast Wisconsin.

    The event will be opened by the following performers: Daniel Watts & Amy Ryerson (Broadway Performers), J-Council, and Cory Chisel's Soul Obscura.